Charlie Chaplin and newspaper Izvestia

It is a well-known fact that Charlie Chaplin liked Russian caviar. Once he received 4 kilos of caviar as a gift! Moreover, this story is worth of special attention.


In 1964, the newspaper Izvestia had a chance to meet a great film director and actor – Charles Spencer Chaplin. The editorial team made the impossible at those times! The newspaper received an exclusive right to publish fragments of the actor’s autobiography. For giving this permition Chaplin received a special “gift” – four kilograms of caviar from the Eliseevsky shop. The parcel was quickly packed into a dining saucepan with ice, taken from the ice cream kiosk on Tverskaya Street.

Everything Started With…

Chaplin announced himself as a writer and published his memoirs named “My Biography”. Ch. D. Robinson was one of his biographers who said: “Charlie Chaplin sold the rights on his autobiography publishing to English and American houses. The price was more than half a million dollars. Moreover, after printing a 1000-word excerpt, the Soviet newspaper Izvestia sent a non- convertible fee – 4 kilograms of caviar to Switzerland.”

Vladimir Osipov was a famous international journalist and worked as a correspondent for The London Sunday Times. On the eve of the Chaplin’s publication, he received a task from the Izvestia chef : “Go to Chaplin by hook or by crook and get his new texts!”

Here is Success!

Osipov carried out the task operatively. He contacted Chaplin and gave him the editorial board request. On September 16th and 19th, the Izvestia came out with two Chaplin’s texts. In the preface to the second publication was said: “…Chaplin replied to the request of the editorial board, and jokely noted that he did not mind trying caviar on this occasion…”

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