The “Black Gold” of Soviet Russia

In the 1930-50s, caviar and crabs were icons of Russian export. They became the symbol of the Soviet Union. In addition, the caviar served as a currency commodity and was of great importance.

The writer Yulia Shilova says about those Soviet times: “Caviar was a kind of available product for us. We ate it in enormous quantities. My friend kept the caviar in the bath. She wanted to start a real business. Therefore, she had bought it in bulk for selling it in glass jars. Something went wrong and people did not buy caviar. Everyone had a lot of it, and it was not worth any crazy money like today. And then half the caviar was spoiled because my friend was not able to sell it in time.”

In the 1920s, caviar considered as a “black gold” of Soviet Russia. It is hard to imagine such a big caviar consumption. However, the priceless sturgeon and beluga fished in an incradiblly huge quantity that the fish threatened to disappear forever. Nowadays, caviar means belonging to the upper class.

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