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A lot of people are fond of a famous French expression «l’art de vivre» and the French cuisine is not the exception. Therefore it is not surprising that the most important and significant events and exhibitions take place in the capital of fashion and gastronomy. This year our company Caviar de Beluga have had a chance to participate in two incredible exhibitions: Gourmet selection that took place in Paris and Chefs World Summit The Internation Congress in Monaco.

All these events united producers, best chefs, culinary journalists, consultants, photographers, restorers and even physicists who are interested in the high quality and the best taste of a fine food. Moreover, the exhibitions like these gave the opportunity to present our best product Beluga Caviar well-known not only by its subtile and exceptional taste but also by its special grey color.

In our blog I will give you different information about this luxury product and I will try to answer all your questions.