Caviar De Beluga


Real Caspian Beluga Caviar does not leave indifferent any gourmet. Buy one tin for a sample, and you’ll not be able to refuse this excellent delicacy. Our store offers natural caviar, harvested by proven technologies from the best fish. The Beluga Sturgeon is also called “The Great Sturgeon”. Roe of this fish is highly valued in different countries. It is served to the festive table, as an exquisite treat. We do not cause the loss of sturgeon species. Our Beluga fish is farmed in native Caspian Sea waters. Our caviar masters take care about shipping conditions.

We are ready to introduce you the best tasted and the most recognized type of caviar – Beluga Caviar. These eggs are produced by the largest sturgeon. Its weight can vary from 70 to 100 kg. The product quickly became a favorite among gourmets and is well-known as “King of Caviar”. We pay the phenomenal attention to the production process and farming conditions. Once opened, the product should be used within 48 hours. The specialty of this product lays in its unique harmonious taste and egg size. The best type of processing is Malossol method.

5 Reasons to Buy Caspian Beluga Caviar

  • Beluga black caviar contains phosphorus, calcium and iodine, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Caviar improves brain function, strengthens the body, reduces the risk of heart disease and blood vessels
  • Black Caviar is richer in nutrients than red
  • The product is used for the prevention of certain diseases
  • The taste of sturgeon beluga caviar is very delicate and refined

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

30g Vacuum Metallic Tin, 50g Vacuum Metallic Tin, 125g Vacuum Metallic Tin


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