Wild Capelin Roe, Black

Caviar De Beluga



 They are available in Original, Black & Red colors as well as Masago in Orange, Red, Black & WASABI for SUSHI. The wild fish is from North-East Atlantic.

Black capelin roe is widely used in Japanese cuisine for making sushi, sashimi and various types of rolls. It is also a great ingredient to any cold and hot salads. You can find capelin fish in the northern region of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Its size is over 25 cm in length. The amount of eggs that one fish can produce reaches 50 thousand. This delicacy is recommended for people with a lack of iron in the body. It is also recommended to include the product in the diet for those who quite often feel tired.

It tastes less salty and crispy than Tobiko flying fish roe. Capelin caviar is sold at a low price. Therefore, it acts as an alternative to Tobiko caviar. The natural color can range from white-yellow to bright. However, manufacturers often tint caviar with natural dyes to obtain more interesting colors. So, you can purchase a product even in white, yellow, orange, and green. Our wild capelin caviar is slightly sweet and salty. Black color is one of the most famous. Fashionable restaurants and catering companies consider this product to be a sustainable alternative to expensive Sturgeon roe.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

50 g, 100 g

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